Slow/Freezing Android Phone?

First of all,I say thank you to you for being on the @Team_Android community,and I hope we all android users find some use of this blog.

Yes my phone is slow some times,when I hit the home bottom it takes more then 2 seconds to get to the home screen…Here are some steps you could take to get your Android device into shape.

(Storage)Apps: Make sure you don’t have multiple apps that do the same thing. For example seesmic, swift,twidroid ; all three are Twitter apps,choose one and Uninstall the other two.Uninstall apps you don’t use! all they do is take up space!

Delete unwanted videos you downloaded from youtube using Dolphin Browser.Avoid over populating your android phone, use a File Explorer app to help you delete unwanted things,videos,apps,ringtones,pdf files,unsupported files (such as .exe)…etc *Please use common sense

Get rid of widgets,and shortcut apps on the home screens that you don’t really need. (Time widgets,Music widget..etc)

Reboot your android device (Power off/on)

Phone should be Faster then before. And avoid openning many apps at once.

Leave any comments and questions or concerns.



One Response to “Slow/Freezing Android Phone?”

  1. Andrew Rowley Says:

    Can’t forget about clearing the cache to free up some memory especially in those data intensive apps ;]

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