Ten Reasons to Buy an Android

Ok so after talking with a friend on Twitter I find out her mobile phone contract will be expiring soon. This is to highlight the pros of getting an Android phone.

1) Google Integration

If you like Google then you’ll love Android because you have all the stuff you use on Google on your phone – Googlemail, Google calendar, Google Maps all on there and beautifully integrated. Contacts stored on your Googlemail account synced with your phone and vive versa, other phone Operation Systems use third-party apps for sync with none of then anyway near as effective as Android

2) The Best App Store in town

That got your attention? There may be five times the number of applications for the iPhone, but Android is catching and catching fast. That difference has halved over the last year as developers have caught onto the idea of the Google mobile OS, and you could also argue that all of the important apps are present in both stores and that the excess of those on iTunes is simply more dross to sift through.

The other major issue is that the guidelines for iPhone development are lot more stringent /restrictive/ than on Android which is Open Source [more ion this later]. There’s all sorts of apps that have famously never been accepted by Jobs Inc. As well as those thrown off because of lewd or distasteful content – boobs being the latest casualty. All that said, the App Store is still really the leader in the field, but the point is that wanting apps is an equally valid reason to choose an Android device these days.

3) Choice of Networks

Until recently, there’s been an awful lot of handset exclusivity, the iPhone in the UK on O2 network being on very good example. One of the good things about Android is that you can pick a handset running it on just about any network out there.

Some UK Android Devices:

  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Legend
  • Google Nexus One

Certainly all the big ones in the UK and the States are covered and, on top of that, it’s both easy, cheap and often better value to go and buy a SIM-free Android phone and then a SIM-only package with the mobile service provider of your choice. Essentially, you can have it any way you choose without losing out.

There was an article in the Telegraph where they bought a Nexus One [N1] from the states – the total cost for this was around £425 this may sound like a lot but if you would consider getting this on an 18 month contract with a monthly plan of around £35 that works out at £630 for the life of the contract!

4) Low cost options

You don’t have to have a super-smartphone to be able to give Android a go. There are entry-level options which the iPhone OS doesn’t offer.  The nice thing with Android is that you can still pick up phones like the Magic and the Hero at very reasonable prices these days, while still getting a top end handset experience.

5) It’s an open OS

There’s much more flexibility in what you do and how you do it on Android, than there is on other platforms. Basically the developers on Android escape the tyranny of Steve Jobs and the stupid restrictions put in place by Apple.

6) Multitasking

Again, the iPhone doesn’t allow you to multitask – rather annoying if you wish to use your mobile phone as the mini computer that it truly is these days. Mercifully, the Android platform allows this and the newer handset can handle it with ease.

7) The Cloud

Saving your information ‘on line’ as it were, there’s some very practical advantages to Android OS syncing your life in the cloud rather than the handset itself. First, it means that you don’t need a computer around to update all your data and details and second, if you happen to lose your phone, you haven’t lost your life as well. Of course, the downside is that should Google do down, then you’ve got access to nothing, but how likely is that going to be with Google almost being the internet.

8 ) Keyboard or no keyboard

Google Android is one of the few OSes that offers you that choice. So, whether you’d prefer the Milestone or the Nexus One, you can feel safe that you can get a top-end smartphone with the hardware that suits you.

9) A camera with a flash

While some smartphones left the camera as an afterthought, it seems that most Google Android handset manufacturers were good enough to offer some competitive mega pixels, along with an LED flash to capture photos at night.

10) Not many people have them

Everyone’s got an iPhone these days. If they haven’t got one, then they’ve probably got a BlackBerry. Beyond that, you’re likely to stand out from the crowd a little more.

Written by Scott Spence.

Posted and edited from my HTC Magic

Follow me: http://twitter.com/spences10


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