Fennec For Android updated

Before now Fennec for android aka Firefox was 30+mb, and that had to be (and still has to be) installed on the phones internal storage (a total bummer for those running A2Sd) now its about 9.5mb which saves a ton of space for those apps that have to be installed on the phones memory such as this, i wouldnt reccomend using this as a defult browser, personally i use Dolphin HD (review soon to come, i know i’ve said that before) but in all honesty i will post that later, back to my point, Fennec has a new version out here, ill update with SS (screen shots) and more info later, thanks for reading TeamAndroid, please keep reading, tell your friends, lets get this thing going to the moon, maybe we could get paid for this?! what SHOCKER, thanks again for reading



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