My Android & Me

I’m going to admit it, at first I wanted a iPhone, reasons being I brought into the hype and thought it was cracked up to be. At the time the choices were clear, either buy a iPhone or go with a more reliable Android, I made the decision to buy an Android. I knew nothing of the OS at the time. I knew it was from Google and had apps, knew it synced with Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. Other than that I was shocked to find all the other amazing features of my device.

I purchased my HTC Hero in late January with the intentions to have a smartphone that’s better than all the rest. Android is just that, the operating system has saved me on long road trips with instant Google Map directions, easy access to web and video because of the amazing ability to have flash player, which impressed me aswell, and syncing with my mail I can stay on the road longer.

A phone should simply amplify your pleasure, when my old Razr broke I realized I needed a sturdy yet multi-functional device, with multi tasking and music playing/video. My phone is the best I can get, and it’s only getting better. HTC is constantly improving on their products, things I may not have even considered to need improvisions. I’m proud to say I’m an Android user allied with Official Team Android to support and try and spread the word of how great Android is. I will never trade my phone for another, and I was so idiotic (I realize now) to want a iPhone.

By @MizzPackLeader


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One Response to “My Android & Me”

  1. samdevor Says:

    As a fellow writer i too am in the same boat, i had a blackberry before and i loved it but i was due for an upgrade and being on verizon i didnt feel the need, want, or desire to switch carriers, since the motorola droid was sooo vastly advertized i saw the need to get it, i got it and ive dedicated so much time to it, and the android community, i never had an android device, nor even touched one till i got my driod, i love it, i wont ever turn back, keep it going team android, lets keep the revolution going, android is trumping and i wanna keep it that way

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