Droid Does: Apple Expose / HTC Leap via Launcher Pro!

Launcher Pro BETA

Federico Carnales

Price: FREE

Overall Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

My Rating: 4 Stars

All Users (Root & Non Root)

[Market link]

Launcher Pro is the newest Launcher Replacement app to flood the Android Marketplace. This simple, intuitive and FREE home replacement, rivals the current cross-bearer of the Stock Android home replacement apps, Helix Launcher in terms of speed, look, and usabillity.


Let’s first talk about speed. This thing is FAST. I’ve used it on a couple ROM / Theme combinations, and it is BLAZING fast on all accounts. The particular ROM / Theme combo I’ve found it works the best on is Cyanogen + Bugless Beat V. 1.0 + Smoked Glass or NEXTheme, running at anywhere from 800mhz to 1000ghz. (NOTE: You do NOT HAVE TO BE ROOTED IN ORDER TO USE THIS APP. It works fine on Stock Android 2.1)


As you can see from the picture, it looks VERY much like Helix Launcher in terms of style. Nexus One style Launcher Icon, plus four hard icons that will be on every home screen. Just like every home replacement launcher on the market, it will give you up to SEVEN SCREENS to fill with widgets and whatnot. The only drawback here, is I wish you could customize those four hard icons, like you can on Helix Launcher 1 and 2. That would have this app SOLD for me. It gives you quick access to PHONE, CONTACTS, MESSAGING and whatever BROWSER you have set as your Default (mine’s Dolphin HD, for those who wondered!) Helix allows you to put four custom icons there, which is a nice touch, however-the one thing (besides overall speed) that this has, that Helix lacks?

The now SUPER POPULAR THANKS TO HTC “Leap” feature, which lets you quickly access all your homepages at once. HTC calls it Leap, I call it “Another Idea We Stole From Apple.” I say “stole”, when I guess I should say “borrowed”, because hey-Expose is the thing that sold me on my Macbook, so why the hell not have it on my phone. You can access it to ways, by pinching on the main screen-or for those one handed blokes, you can hit the HOME button and bring it up. Awesome tits!

Overall, Launcher Pro is a solid newcomer in the Home Replacement category. I do get the occasional Force Close issue-but that’s nothing major-as it doesn’t happen too terribly often. I’ve been using it for a week or so now, and I’ve loved it, and those of you who know me know how much i loved my Helix Launcher! Come on Faruq! Add Expose and make me a believer again!

Some more screen shots. Enjoy!

NOTE: before anyone asks, the Widget on the first shot is BEAUTIFUL WIDGETS by levelupstudios, available for Purchase in the Android Market. If you have an Android device, and don’t own it-than you should own it. I’ve bought three copies dammit!

NOTE 2: Yes, I’m rooted. Running Cyanogen (love you Koush, bring on the FroYo!!) and currently on Bugless Beast w/ Smoked Glass Theme. My CPU is overclocked (thank you SetCPU!) to 1ghz max, 800 mhz minimum (suck it Nexus One!)

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John Pariah is a tech pundit, who really enjoys talking about himself in little quotation blocks on the bottom of his blogs. He can be reached via twitter @johnpariah, and loves to talk music, tv, movies, comic books, wrazzlin’ and of course, gadgets. His level of awesome is only matched and surpassed by Chuck Norris, on a good day.


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One Response to “Droid Does: Apple Expose / HTC Leap via Launcher Pro!”

  1. Russ Says:

    This is by far my favorite launcher. The speed is really the clincher from me. I kind of like the stylized quick launch icons, I just wish the contacts was switched with the market.

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