Droid Does: Adorably AWESOME Swag!

so…there’s one thing i’ve learned during my time in the Android world….

Android developers and OEM, and fans in general give out AWESOME SWAG!

see for yourself!

Android flavored SOAP! yes. SOAP! courtesy of the folks at GEEKSOAP! (follow them on twitter @geeksoap! via a contest for the lovely lady behind AndroidGirls.com, @mobil3gen )

a pair of awesome ANDROID Keychains from HTC Corporation. The one on the left has a screen cleaner on the back of it, comes in INSANELY handy in cleaning screens, and rubbing the bubbles off of a new screen protector!

..and the magna cum laude of Droid Swag…FREE T-SHIRTS!!

[back of t-shirt]

[front of shirt]

this shirt came from Motorola DIRECTLY. I had to go through hell to pry this out of my Moto reps hands..but a free shirt is a free shirt!

…taken from an actual VZW store..once their display went down. love.

and yours truely..rocking his Droid INCREDIBLE t-shirt from HTC and Verizon.

Droid Does: Swag


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