iWhat? Evo who? Droid gets XTREME (or..Shadowy…or HD?)

so, what the HELL is up with people leaving advanced Smartphones that aren’t OFFICIALLY RELEASED PRODUCTS laying around? First the Apple employee leaves the prototype iPhone 4 in a bar, which as we all know led to the editor of Gizmodo getting the “Meth-Lab-In-The-Basement” treatment.

Now this.

So apparently, Verizon has a corporate gym (who know right?), and VZWRep J. Techsupport happened to leave his top secret Motorola Shadow on a bag, or a bench, or the floor, or a locker..or..something.

And someone (presumably with his own Moto Droid?) snapped a nice little spypic of it.

wanna see? after the break + confirmed / rumor specs:


Now, here are some cold hard facts that we can say about this device:

It has:

16 gigs of internal storage – not 100% sure if thats internal like the Droid Incredible, or a MicroSD like every other smartphone out there.

1ghz Snapdragon processor (suck it Incredible!)

HDMI port (Evo what?)

720p HD video (see previous statement)

8MP Camera (presumably with Dual LED Flash)

massively EPIC 4.3″ Screen. That thing looks AMAZING!

Apparently, it’s very likely this device is also running FroYo! (which makes the idea of the Droid getting FroYo soon very likely. AWESOME)

This thing is VZW bound, and expected to launch sometime in June / July. We don’t have an OFFICIAL name yet, but we do know it will carry the Droid branding, and it WONT BE THE DROID 2!! (stop saying that!)

the unofficial official name is the Droid Shadow by Motorola. I’ve also heard Droid Xtreme (…lame) and Droid HD (makes sense…).

All I can say is this WILL be Verizon’s answer to the iPhone 4 (AT&T) and the EVO 4g (Sprint)…and…umm…the Garminfone on…T-Mobile?

So thoughts? Trading in your Droid for the ShadowXtremeHD?

..i probably will…


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3 Responses to “iWhat? Evo who? Droid gets XTREME (or..Shadowy…or HD?)”

  1. Team Android Says:

    […] (THATS TWO MONTHS FROM NOW!) We already know about the  Droid XTRM / Shadow coming out in July/Julyish.Which btw, has ALSO shown up in Verizon’s inventory systems, as […]

    • donb2010 Says:

      “1ghz Snapdragon processor (suck it Incredible!)”
      The Droid incredible also has 1ghz snapdragon processor, so why suck it?

      • johnpariah Says:

        VZW’s marketing for the Incredible was all about the Snapdragon.

        Plus, I lied, it’s going to be a 1 ghz OMAP processor, (same as in Droid) not Snapdragon. OMAP can be overclocked, Snapdragon cant

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