Droid Does: TAKE OVER VERIZON! Huge VZW / Moto Update: Droid2, XTRM/Shadow, crappy motoblur device

So, here’s the deal. The Motorola DROID came out on November 6th, and now it appears that the device will be replaced with the OFFICIAL successor, the Droid2.0 sooner rather than later. NOT COOL. But whatever…

Want to see my evidence? Continue on after the break!

Major props to Kellex over at Droid-Life.com for the find here:

This is a screen shot from Verizon’s inventory system. It shows the Motorola A955 in VZW’s inventory system. Now kids, for those of you unaware, the DROID is the Motorola A855. So the 955 is the successor to the 855. Following me here?

We also have to contend with RUMORS (and keyword here guys, RUMORS) is the supposed “improved keyboard” from the Motorola Droid that was leaked out earlier today.

If you’d kindly divert your attention to the left, that my friends, is the supposed NEW KEYBOARD that will be featured on the Motorola Droid2 A955. Again, this is only RUMOR, but when you look at the two keyboards (top is the Droid1 keyboard, bottom is the Droid2, for those of you who lack common sense)

As you can see, the buttons appear to be bigger, and they got rid of the big gold Directional Pad (WIN!). Everything seems to be spaced out better, and the keys appear to be rounded. Also a good sign (..wait..the Droid HAS a physical keyboard? I never use it..)

Awesome right? We’re seeing it show up in the VZW inventory systems, and we’re seeing the keyboard leak out. The Droid2.0 can’t be far behind. Can it?

Probably not, seeing as how Verizon killed off the Eris within six months.

Moving on.

Wall Street Journal is reporting that Motorola will be releasing TWO (!!!) Android powered devices by July 2

010 (THATS TWO MONTHS FROM NOW!) We already know about the  Droid XTRM / Shadow coming out in July/Julyish.Which btw, has ALSO shown up in Verizon’s inventory systems, as you can see by the picture to the right.  One is reported to be a high end handset (XTRM) the other is supposedly a mid range device running MotoBlur to replace the Devour (that was frackin’ QUICK), which is that Motorola Flipback Twisty thingy we saw, that looks horrible.

Now, we know we’ll have TWO Android powered devices by mid Summer. What two? Will the other one be the Droid2.0? I honestly doubt the Droid2.0 will be out this soon. They’re gonna hold that off until October / November, which is the reported and RUMORED release of any potential Verizon branded iPhone.

I fully expect the Motorola Droid XTRM (aka Shadow) to be released in June or July, and kill the compeititon (iPhone 4 on AT&T, and the Evo 4g on Sprint). With its 4.3″ 720p rockin screen, 1ghz OMAP (fuck Snapdragon, overrated non-over-clock-able poo) processor, and more bells and whistles than a friggin…bells and whistles store? YEAH!..moving on.

The OTHER device that I expect to see will be the Motorola Kickback or Flipback or twistback..or…some…bullshit like that.  Which is basically the Nokia Twist running MotoBLUR. This device will be designed to accompany the Devour, as the Smartphone for teens (couldnt the LG Ally of done that? Seriously? WHY?)

Basically, Verizon already has FIVE (Droid, Eris, Incredible, Devour, Ally) Android handsets available to the consumers..FIVE. That’s a little less than 1 a month since the launch of the Droid. THATS INSANE!!!! Great things are coming…

when theres no limit to what droid gets, theres no limit to what team-android does.

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