Ipad vs Iped

The “Iped” might be a phoney, but will it disrupt the sales of the app? Of course, the iped is only $150.

Its running Android, the best OS out there,

When you see the ipad you feel that you want one! It looks beutiful and all ,but its too costly and overrated and it CANNOT run FLASH in its browser!(Well basically the android 1.5 version does not support flash but we can always root the devices to android ver. 2.2!!)

For those who love the looks of the ipad,and cannot afford it,for them a chinese company is bringing the iped!! It is reported that the iPed is priced at $150, much cheaper than Apple’s minimum asking price of $500.This product is produced and already released in Shenzhen.

The iped almost looks the same as the ipad,but it is said to be a heavier device than the iped.It also does not run on the apple o.s!! It runs on our favourite open-source Android 1.5 (codenamed-cupcake) o.s!!It also has a screen resolution of only 800 by 400 pixels, lower compared to the iPad’s 1,024 by 768-pixel screen

the iPed sports a 600-MHz RockChip processor.Its rumoured that it is some kind of an intel chip for the mobiles! The iPad’s 9.7-inch display is a bit bigger than the iPed’s seven-inch screen. and a screen resolution of only 800 by 480 pixels against iPad’s 1-GHz Apple A4 processor and 1024-by-768-pixel screen

will the ipad revolution come to an end?Is it the begining of the iped revolution?Our doubts will be answered in a few months time i guess!Game on!!!!!

Android Rules!!!


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5 Responses to “Ipad vs Iped”

  1. johnpariah Says:

    For one man, this will never make it stateside legally. It’s a chinese KIRF knockoff of the iPad, sold to consumers who don’t know any better.

    Trust me, the REAL Android Tablets will be coming sooner than later.

  2. thegreenflood Says:

    You are right john…but i think th iped shud take care of the ipad at least in asia until the big boys come in!!!!!!!!!!

  3. teamandroid Says:

    they will be cheaper then Ipad, and that’swhat most people want in this global economy, but apple has proof that statement wrong by selling how many 2million in 2months….it will be a hard battle, but android will not fail.

  4. thegreenflood Says:

    @teamandroid did u see the specs john mentioned in his latest post? Android 2.1 (Eclair),nVidia Tegra 2 Processor (!!),USB Port,Video-Out,Release Date: Q4 2010 (US),Price Point: $399 USD
    i wudnt take the ipad even if they are givin it tome fer free if this costs only 399$

  5. teamandroid Says:

    yup, sorry bout last comment and ones one twitter about apple, got carried away, and i got you @thegreenflood. and i would take any apple product if they were giving for free though…

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