Tablets crave for the android!!

nVidia CEO:Hardware makers should unite behind Android
As android is an open source o.s,Nvidia CEO thinks that the hardware makers will unite behind google android as the primary o.s for the tablet computers.
He explains that the windows platform is too full featured and heavy on the space!The smartbooks and tablets are lower cost laptops which have less features than the p.c or the laptop.He also states that android has become the fastest growing mobile o.s. in the world surpassing the iphone in terms of growth and userd.
As John had said in his earlier post,the M.S.I windpad 110 will be sporting the nVidia Tegra 2.1 processor running the android 2.1 eclair.
This magnificant piece of art is set to be released this fall,its my thought that once this tablet has been released the ipad will be nowhere near! As it trumps the ipad in all sections and also costs less than the ipad!
The war is on!!
Lenovo ditches skylight o.s for the green android!
The Lenovo skylight smartbook which was set to release within this month and which was eagerly awaited bu the consumers because of its sleek looks will not be released pretty soon because of some major changes!
Due to the release and success of the ipad,Lenovo held up the release of the smartbook and rethought on the release of the skylight which was running the skylight o.s which was a custom version of LINUX ,it made them realize that the smartbook might not compete against the ipad!
The official statement of Lenovo:
After careful consideration of market conditions and user feedback, Lenovo has decided to focus its resources on building a family of next-generation mobile Internet devices based upon open technologies such as (but not limited to) the Android kernel.
This means that the release will be postponed,they have also saud that they will concentrate more on the hardware part and will rely on the Android o.s to run the skylight smartbook.
Their strategy is the right one i guess caus android has proved to be successfull and lenovo will also get customers who already know how to operate and work on the o.s
With these great launches lined up for release,its becoming an android world already!!
Android Rules!!

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One Response to “Tablets crave for the android!!”

  1. teamandroid Says:

    They do crave for android!

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