Adobe Apps, not just on Froyo Anymore

So you’re using a Droid or other Android phone and havent gotten that 2.2 Update yet, well neither have we. Recently I came across several of Adobe’s Apps that I assumed were for froyo, ie: Adobe Reader, Adobe Air, and Yup you guessed it Flash 10.1 in the blapk market, and I attempted to download and install all 3 on my CyMod (Moto Droid) system, and well the only one that seemed to work was the Adobe Reader and that opened and ran like a champ, Adobe Air installed but would not let me install apps such as tweet deck and others. I even tried to download the .air file, place it on my SD card and open it, no dice, most likely Air uses Flash and we don’t have Flash…yet.

Screen Shots:

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One Response to “Adobe Apps, not just on Froyo Anymore”

  1. johnpariah Says:

    Yeah, i tried intstalling the Flash apk a couple weeks ago, when it got leaked on twitter. it failed. miserably. Adobe Reader can be downloaded from the Market for free.

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