Droid Xtreme – All But Official?

I don’t know where the hell Kellex got these at, but Droid-Life.com has snagged 2 PRIMO shots of the brand spanking new iPhone / Evo 4G Killer – the Motrola Droid Xtreme (aka Shadow), and I must say, HOLY CRAP BATMAN! I WANT!

Seriously, we also got a handful of ADDITIONAL Specs added to the growing list of confirmed / unconfirmed features. This is shaping up to be a BEAST of a phone.

Bigger screens, and more info after the break!

As you can see to your left, this is the side of the Motorola Droid X. We’ve seen shots of the OTHER side of the phone, rocking the MicroUSB Charger, and HDMI-out ports. Here’s the flip side, rocking the same dedicated camera function key, as well as a volume rocker.

You’ll notice the color scheme is more or less the same as Big Daddy Droid, black/silver with gold. The volume rocker is metallic chrome-which is a nice touch as well.

The one interesting tidbit is the hump at the head of the phone. While Motorola decided to put the antenna in the bottom “Chin” of the original Droid, could this be where the CDMA (or LTE? or Dual Band GSM? Or Quad-Band CDMA / LTE / WiMAX / GSM / WiFi / Psychic Telepathy) radio is located, at the TOP of the phone (which yknow, makes a helluvalot more sense) Or is it just part of Moto’s penchent for quirky design mechanics? The Shadow knows……..

Moving on, if you’d look to your right now, you’d see the front of the phone, emblazoned with the plastic wrap that coats a brand new phone when you pull it out of the packaging. This shows 1 super important thing: This is damn near production ready. (Fathers Day anyone?) You can see the four PHYSICAL keys on the front of the phone (L2R: Back, Home, Menu, Search) which is reminiscint of the HTC HD 2 on T-Mobile.

You can also see the Verizon logo right above them, but you DO have to look closely for it.

Seriously, I have NO idea where Kellex is getting this information from, but we do have some more rumored specs on this device:

  • Android 2.2 (EPIC WIN!)
  • 9 home screens (HOLY WHAT?)
  • No Motoblur (There is a god)
  • Dedicated camera button (meh..)
  • The phone was described as “Very Metal”, which jives with Motorola’s industrial gimmick with the Droid 1.  (…meh)
  • HDMI out (because we all wanna watch those funny youtube videos we shoot on our tvs in eye bleeding 720p HD!)

This jives pretty well with what we’ve been told lately. The only real difference is that other websites are reporting the phone will run with some “NinjaBlur” stuff, which supposedly is MotoBlur in the background so you dont know its MotoBlur.

I like this version better. Plus, my direct source jives with THIS information: No Blur. Blur is evil.

Overall, this thing is starting to look EPIC. I can not WAIT to sell my Motorola DROID and get XTREME!!!!!!!

We’ve also seen the battery, which appears to be thinner than the Droids, as well as packing a WHOOPING 1500 mAh of power (yay!). We’ve also seen more screenshots of Verizon’s inventory systems:

What can you tell from this? This phone is CLOSE TO RELEASE. Plus, we’re getting a SHIT TON of accessories for it.:

Standard Battery + Door

Extended Battery (!)

Leather Pouch

Body Glove

Simulated Leather Plastic Snap On Cover (…)

White Cover (!!!!! goes with my Macbook!!)

Desk Mount (come on Moto, make it fit with the goddamned snap on covers!)

Shell / Holster Combo (which should be able to be used in conjuction with any other snap on cover)

Standard Holster

Some sort of Mount, presumably a car

No idea what the FPL thingy is…whatever it is, it’s Black.

Black Snap On Cover

Purple Snap On Cover

Sign me up for a phone, some screen protectors, and a white case-and i’ll be set! Then i’ll head over to GrafiXpressions.com, and hook myself up with some KICK ASS Android Stickers. Rock On!

All Credit Goes To Lord Kellex over at Droid-Life.com
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