Video to mp3 app?

Well I haven’t found such app in the market yet, but I will be tipping you a way to convert video (youtube URL etc) to Mp3 on your Android Device [Free]. Its a very slow process [Even on WI-FI (at home)], if you could only find a particular song/podcast you like on youtube,which is no where to be found anywhere else why not give it a shot?

1 Open your mobile Browser
2. Make sure you copied the URL of the Video you want to convert.
3. go to (best of out bunch i’ve tried.)
4. paste URL
5. Choose “Mp3 only”
6.Hit the convert botton
7. Wait a while, while it converts
8. touch/click Download link provided after coverted if not automaticly redirected.
9.Enjoy your Mp3.

We really need that app, don’t you think?


Got Tips?
Send them to #TeamAndroid by email Officialteamandroid (gmail) or Twitter @Team_Android.


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2 Responses to “Video to mp3 app?”

  1. kingskidd268 Says:

    There is a app called tubedroid it can download YouTube videos to mp3 format. It was in the blaqk market about 2 months ago. I can upload it if team android wants.

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