#DroidDoes: FroYo + Overclocked + WiFi (Updated with Benchmarking)

I’ve spent the last 3 hours watching a television show for kids called “Kamen Rider Dragon Knight” and doing part one of an analysis on it for my personal blog, it’s time for some Android love!

So the story starts like this: last night, I had a Twitter conversation with @MyDroidWorld, regarding my want of his FroYo ROM, which has been running around in the wild for the last few days. I went to bed with the INSANE tease of “could be a good weekend”. What did I wake up to? I woke up to FROYO! It WILL be a good weekend! So, as it stands right now-I’m installing the ROM via the instructions outlined after the Break, and I will report back with my findings on them after some hands on time with it.

So are you ready guys? I would like to point out, this is for ROOTED USERS ONLY. As it requires either SPRecovery or ClockworkModRecovery to do the update and flash the FroYo ROM. It’s in the format of a NANDROID BACKUP file. So if you’re not Rooted, i’m sorry-you’ll have to sit this one out.

Get the FroYo Love after the break!

Source: MyDroidWord.com follow them on Twitter @MyDroidWorld. NOW!

So here it is guys, FroYo! Courtesty of MyDroidWorld.com. I lost SLEEP last night waiting for this thing to drop. Basically, it’s a NANDROID Backup of the 2.2 ROM, which makes life a SHIT TON easier to work with here. Again, you MUST BE ROOTED and running either SPRecovery or ClockworkModRecovery.

Caught up? Good.

Since I use ROM Manager almost religiously, I’m going to outline the process via ClockworkMod Recovery. Capishe?

  • Download the file located HERE (Right Click -> Save Link As)
  • Extract folder named 2010-06- (DO NOT RENAME)
  • Place folder 2010-06- in the /sdcard/clockwork/backup folder on your sdcard
  • Restart phone in recovery (Hold X + Power)
  • Go to nandroid, select restore, select the above folder and press the camera button
  • Reboot Phone when prompted to
  • Enjoy!

Pretty easy right? Now go ahead and do it, leave us feedback with your findings. Here’s what Droid-Life.com had to say:

Early feature list:

  • It is indeed Android 2.2
  • New Market with “auto-update” feature
  • Apps2SD
  • Froyo Launcher with 3D app drawer
  • USB Tethering (no Wi-Fi tethering)
  • New camera software
  • Wi-Fi doesn’t work (fix coming soon)
  • Update: Might have JIT.  See benchmark below.
  • Update: Gallery works, just took 30 minutes to load photos.

Update 7:37am: Had this 2.2 build up and running for a good 45 minutes now and I’ve got to admit that it is pretty damn fast.  It seems like the longer you play with it, the faster it gets.  Interesting.  While the MFLOPS in Linpack aren’t there, check out this Quadrant benchmark I just ran.  If only wi-fi worked…

Catch ya next time! When there’s no limit to what Droid Gets, there’s no limit to what Team Android does!

UPDATE: 2:52 PM We have WiFi Back! We can now Overclock!! Just download a new Kernal from MyDroidWord.com and install via ROM Manager using ClockworkRecovery. BAM! Victory is ours!

UPDATE: After several hours of playing with it, and installing one of the new OC Kernals, here’s my Quatdrant benchmarking score. I’m running one of P3’s new kernal’s, set to go up to 1200mhz (1.2 ghz), running at 900mhz min / max.

Not too shabby, not too shabby indeed. How AWESOME is your Droid now?

Sharing is Caring!!

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Sharing is Caring!!

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