Evo 4G: A Brief Hands On

Hello there Android Addicts! I took a little adventure today to my local Sprint store, and got my greasy mits on an instore demo unit of the Evo 4G. Why? The honest reason is that I plan on buying the Motorola Droid XTRM on Verizon-which has the same size screen as the Evo (4.3″). I wanted to see if that size would just be too freaking big.

And it isn’t. Really, I was kind of shocked. So I decided, since I already had been kicked out of an indirect Sprint store for wearing a Verizon Droid Incredible t-shirt (or so I believe), that I would chill for a minute and play with it. Download an app or two, watch some porn a youtube video and really test out the Evo 4G.

Unfortuantly I had a 21 month old kid with me, so that wasn’t happening. But I did get some hands on time with it, and I wasn’t impressed at ALL. It’s the Droid Incredible with a bigger screen. That’s it. The EVO 4G is the HTC Droid Incredible with a bigger screen. Nothing particuarly special about it. Same Sense UI, same crappy set up. Same old song and dance.

People who switch to Sprint from Verizon, you’re losing SO much. The Droid Incredible is the EXACT SAME PHONE, just with a slightly smaller screen. Are you REALLY going to use that Front Facing camera often, if at all? Nope. Are you in a Sprint “4G” WiFi on Steroids WiMax area? Probably not. You’re losing ALOT in service quality, as well as customer service quality, considering I was kicked out of a Sprint store yesterday for wearing a Verizon t-shirt. If you already have Sprint, and happen to be in a 4G area-and can stand your battery dying within a few hours (according to @MichaelManna) than by all means. Get it.

Otherwise, wait for the Droid Xtreme…

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3 Responses to “Evo 4G: A Brief Hands On”

  1. thegreenflood Says:

    dude realy wer u kicked out of the sprint store for sportin ur verizon t-shirt?

    • johnpariah Says:

      that’s my theory. yes. No posted hours, open sign still lit, door still unlocked

      Sprint rep see’s Verizon shirt “Oh sorry, we’re closed”

  2. thegreenflood Says:

    lols dude that is epic!!!!!!! the best part was the part in the WWDC wer one guy yelled verizon wen the browser was not wrkin lols!

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