WWDC10 – The Android Perspective

So yesterday, the entire Tech world sat infront of their laptops, desktops, Macbooks, iPhones, Droids, and whatever gadget they could get their hands on-just to stay up to date with the coverage of the 2010 World Wide Developers Conference in San Fransisco, California. Being a loyal Macbook user, as well as a minor tech pundit- I too was sitting in anticipation, waiting for Engadget to refresh their live blog-in hopes that something truely revolutionary would be announced.

Now I understand, this is an Android blog-dedicated to Android users and devices. Let’s give the devil his due, none of us would be here without the iPhone. The original iPhone in 2007 revolutionized the cell phone industry in more ways than we ever may truely know. Unfortuantly, it was bolstered by AT&T’s non existant coverage-and an INSANE price tag. Apple Fanboys still turned out IN DROVES to purchase the original iPhone, including one of my Assistant Managers at Guitar Center-who smuggly walked into the store the next day, talking on his shiny new toy.

Or he would be, if he wasn’t dropping every other call on the damned thing.

So, Monday Night-we were given Apple’s MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT. The iPhone 4. To say I left the keynote a littleunderwhelmed is an understatement. All Apple really did was confirm what Gizmodo had already leaked to the internet some 2 months earlier. They didn’t announce anything really NEW. So the iPhone 4 has a new design. They traded in the 3GS’ sexy curved look, with a bricky super generic looking set up. The new iPhone OS4 iOS4 can now multi-task (welcome to Android-land), and make folders (welcome to Blackberry circa 2002). Big deal.

The “Retina Display” has me intrigued, because it does make the screen look AMAZINGLY BEAUITFUL. Overall though, I’m not impressed. Same shitty network, same shitty phone. I’ve seen what Android holds in it-and me being the sole Mac enthusiast on this blog, I still lingered for some hope of a Verizon branded iPhone (so did the crowd at WWDC, who yelled “VERIZON!” after a network demo failed epically). Now, it’s still possible that an iDevice will show up in Verizon’s systems sooner than later-but at this point I can safely say I’m pretty much over it. The Droid Xtreme is only lacking a front facing camera, and really, the novelty of video chat. Besides that-the Droid Xtreme will wipe the freakin floor with the iPhone 4. I’m sorry. It just will.

Droid Xtreme                                                                                iPhone 4


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2 Responses to “WWDC10 – The Android Perspective”

  1. Tech Says:

    well actually Android was in beta since 2004 Apple had only thought about an iPhone in 2006, so iPhone isnt the reason why we’ve come this far, and i think we are all forgetting one crucial thing –> Windows Mobile, the original “App for that” OS then came SymbianOS, even PalmOS were all full mobile OSes that could do almost every major task, all developed before the iPhone, im just saying lets give credit where credit is due

    • johnpariah Says:

      i will agree with you there, Palm OS and Windows Mobile did come first-but I will add this one little note:

      Windows Mobile was never really a “mainstream user” product. Same with Palm OS. You really only saw them in the Business world, not in the consumer market. Now obviously this isn’t 100% the case, but for the over whelmingly majority-Palm OS and Windows Mobile were kinda kept in the business sector.

      the iPhone is what brought the “whole touch screen smartphone does everything but mow the lawn” into the main stream.

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