HTC EvoUsage Review #1

HTC Evo Usage Review #1

By: Netalya Smith

I’ve had the Evo for a week and some days and my experience with it is magnificent.


The usage weighs heavily on the battery, I would check my friends’ stream and a couple of apps and next thing I know the battery is less than half full. Even on idle I realize battery depletion is great. Sprint released an update to make battery life longer, I will update when I get the update. The wifi doesn’t work while on the phone, but then again they’re updating that as well. The flash is really bright and captures everything in sight, and the front facing camera actually shows clear for a 1.3mp. The stock Qik app is no good after a while, it always force closes. I downloaded the Qik app from the market and the stock was overwritten; now it works properly. Qik is fun and easy, I can post videos to almost every social networking site. When plugging in headphones the sound is such an improvement! It’s like listening to a surround sound system in your ears! The screen is clear and shows every detail and every video look great, even if the video is crappy. The live wallpapers that came with the phone are spectacular! I’ve used each of them and watched how they get darker as the day goes by. I have done virtually everything with this phone and the 30fps cap is not noticeable [note: I came from an HTC Hero with had a higher frame rate]. The screen hasn’t separated for me, yet I am using a case that covers the bottom of the phone below the buttons. The main thing I would change is the wifi, battery use, and the random lag that occurs when doing a lot on the device. This is already being taken care of with the over-the-air update rolling out today.

Call Time:

When on the phone I realize the screen turns off as you place it to your face, this is a handy feature when not wanting to accidentally press a button. Then removing the phone from your face the light then turns back on, this is a much needed feature that I am happy was added. The call clarity seems clearer and my friends have stated I sound clearer since switching phones. The call app still stays running long after hanging up, this is a disappointment because it uses a lot of battery. I was able to talk for 4hours straight without it dying or begging for a charger, which was great.


This phone hasn’t stopped impressing me since I brought it. Not only is it fast, clear, and easy to use but you can now search your whole phone for files. The stock Gtalk app kept signing me out when the screen was off, for I downloaded an alternative app called Nimbuzz it’s just like gtalk. This phone is roomy enough for Swype. This phone can do a lot that its predecessors wished they could.

These little features mentioned really help the user with ease of access and enjoy the phone for what it is, a smart phone.


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