Apple Lies About their "Retina Display"

Recently I did a little bit of Research because of the 4k resolution thing goin on with YouTube.

And well i uncovered something some of you may find a tad bit interesting, Apple lied about their display on the iPhone 4…Yes folks you read that right they did in fact lie!!!

i dug around and found this

they state and did the math for us, and i checked the math as well just to be safe, and according to ClarkVision, at a 180 degree viewing angle the human eye, if it were a camera, would be equivalent to a 576. But looking at the iPhone, well any phones display for that matter, you wouldn’t exactly be looking 180 degrees now would you, so CV figured the math out on that one as well. In a 90 by 90 aka a phone in your hand or anything just in front of you, you would see less “pixels”, at only 324 mega pixels, just saying but the iPhone display is nowhere near that, and according to apple, their display is denser than the human eye can perceive, ya BS on CR-Apple for that one..just another reason to join TEAM ANDROID, GOOGLE DOESN’T LIE ABOUT THEIR DISPLAYS OPENLY (well i don’t think at all, but i was just covering my butt ;D  )

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3 Responses to “Apple Lies About their "Retina Display"”

  1. pacifica333 Says:

    Well, not to mention the fact GOOGLE doesn’t make, nor distribute any phones. The Nexus One was the only exception to this, and that was only for distribution, HTC actually made the phone. So Google couldn’t have this issue.

  2. ctbeiser Says:

    This, my good sir, appears to be an unintended falsification. Please see: It’s written by a guy who worked on the Hubble Space telescope. I think he knows his stuff.

  3. timpope Says:

    Google’s only phone has only two subpixels per pixel and thus a lower effective resolution (at least as far as subpixel rendering goes) than was advertised. This is at least as sketchy as the allegations levied against Apple.

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