Finally motorola responds to the eFuse hype

All the hype about the eFuse technology going on, about droidx not beein hacked or mod. Well let me tel you what eFuse is, it is a very old technology brought out by IBM in this technology if it finds some eror or failure in its rom checking then it physicaly disables the circuitry using the silicon in the circuit. This was in everybody’s mind when the eFuse term was used alongside the droidx which will eventualy turn the droidx into stump! But engadget got in touch with motorola and they said that eFuse is not used to permenantly disable the device its a technology used to ensue that the softwares are approoved for the safety of the data of its users. This technology just makes the device go to recovery mode when the device attempts to boot with an unapprooved software! It will reboot once the authorized software is istalled!

Thats it! Well i guess it wont be long to breakthru the eFuse as the android comunity has proved to be very intelligent and hardworking! It wont be long for them to find a way out of the eFuse and flash custom made roms! T might be that the rom comes with an extra code that shows the eFuse that it is a authorized software or something like that! Well i think people are working on it as i write this post!


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2 Responses to “Finally motorola responds to the eFuse hype”

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