Think twice before you root or mod your droidx!

The guys who are goin to recieve their new droidx or hav already recieved and are thinking of rooting it, then please make sure that someone else has done it and there is proof! There are rumours surfacing that the bootloader of the droidx is an encrypted bootloader and if you tamper with it then your droid x will become useless! This rumour has not been officialy approoved by motorola, but it might be true!

This new technology is called as ‘eFuse’ this checks everytime whether any changes have been made to he bootloader or not and whether the rom has been changed. If this test fails then your droidx will become a stump. But my friends on twitter and my friend @johnpariah say that eFuse is just garbage and the maximum it can do is not allow to flash cutom made roms! He also says that all the guys have debunked this eFuse rumour as the droidx uses the same encryption of the milestone, but the milestone is rooted!

So dont be in hurry and root your droidx be patient and wait till the official word is out! We will keep you guys informing abt it! As our friend john will be rooting it and will write the rooting post himself! So dont be a hero and root ur droidx if you e not sure of it!



5 Responses to “Think twice before you root or mod your droidx!”

  1. johnpariah Says:

    im going to be rooting it? thats news to me. šŸ™‚

    the eFuse is not new. Its in the Droid, Devour, and Milestone, nobody has made a fuss about it until now. It will be rooted safely-so no worries there.

  2. thegreenflood Says:

    U are gona root it rit? And best part is tat we will be able to hold our droidx whichever way we want! And we can always rely on the great network of veriZon!

  3. johnpariah Says:

    eFuse Theory is officially dead.

  4. jdjuniper Says:

    eFuse is a myth. Quit being a wuss and root your phone already!

  5. Certified Nursing Assistant Says:

    nice post. thanks.

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