Comparing "deathgrip" on iPhone 4 & Samsung "GalaxyS" Captivate

Apple/Steve Jobs was right?


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4 Responses to “Comparing "deathgrip" on iPhone 4 & Samsung "GalaxyS" Captivate”

  1. ObsceneJesster Says:

    Every phone ever made will lose some signal quality when held in a certain way. If you know where the internal antenna is placed then you can manipulate signal by covering that area. Most phones have there antennas placed in areas where the user is least likely to cover it while talking on the phone. The iPhone however is a different story. It is placed in a area where someone is most likely to cover while talking and can be manipulated by just one finger rather than your entire palm like you were showing on the Captivate. If you place one finger at the bottom of the Captivate you will not lose any bars, however if you place one finger over the external antenna of the iPhone you will.
    If the iPhone didn’t have these problems then nobody would be blogging about/making videos about signal loss when covering certain areas of the phone. Now, every phone ever made will have a video of some guy covering the backplate with his palm, wandering why the bars are dropping. Seriously, if this surprises anyone then you have been blind for the past 10+ years.

  2. Chad Says:

    There is a massive difference between bridging a connection and shielding the phone. All phones can be lose connection, the iPhone is the only phone you can bridge. This is a case of Apple seriously screwing up on the design front. Do you not think that Nokia’s 300,000 strong R&D department would have looked into this over the past 15 years? Of course they did, but they came to the logical conclusion, that the phone could only be handled in certain ways without massive attenuation.

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