Android Tablet Round-up

Well guys haven’t posted in a while, I miss you so I thought I’d do a quick round up of some rumors and some factual android tablets…well I guess theres only…2 I can think of tweet me or comment on here if you know of any big ones we missed out on.

Recent rumors and the Spring design website

have put that the beloved Alex reader will arrive on a CDMA/EvDo network (anyone hear verizon?!) sometime this summer…as well as HSPA/GSM so im assuming T-Mo. As for my Favorite the Augen Gentouch 78 pretty nifty check it out here

well as I was browsing their site I came across an Android Netbook, better say netbooks

the bad: 7″ android netbook (Genbook78) is lame and ugly and isn’t the best out there because of it sporting Android 1.6 (who honestly wants to try that besides Dell…dont get me started about the Streak…)

the good: the 10″ one by Augen (Genbook 108) is impressive, rocking android 2.1, 93% full qwerty keyboard, just look at it, for a Netbook and running Android is pretty sexy. I mean come on, its a netbook…that runs…android..HOW COOL IS THAT?! maybe im more excited than you POLL TIME

thanks for reading this guys, sorry about the informality, I wrote this on my droid while on my way to work.


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