Finally, facebook app for android updated! 1.3

I am a geek and I have more friends on the social networks than the real world. One of the applications I installed from the market as soon as i bought my android phone was the Facebook application. But it was not complete and it took time to comment and it didn’t show the inbox messages properly, there was no notifications shown, and the look of the whole app was not that great and this was not what I expected from Facebook. Although there is a Facebook-google war going on behind the scenes, this childish fights should not affect the Facebook users. I also came to know that the Facebook app for android is not an official app by Facebook but it is google which handling this application and Facebook has given some kind of blessing to them. Well I have heard this, I am not sure whether this is a fact or not. But it would most likely is.

Anyway I was not pleased with the earlier Facebook app and almost never used it. I used the Opera browser or the xscope-gl browser to browse my Facebook notifications and to comment on some post and all my daily Facebook chores, but just a few days back I saw the Android Market showing me the new 1.3 update. Even though I thought that it would not be much of an improvement I downloaded it, and when I ran it I and I was surprised, the new polished looks, the notification pull up bar(that actually go to the browser, more on that later on this post), that was much-needed, now you can browse your friends photos,(better, then before) and also view their videos, how cool is that. This Facebook update was much-needed after all. All my friends using an iPhone would see my Facebook app and say oh, there are very less functions but now I can use my android phone proudly in front of all the iPhone and other O.S using fellows.

I will give my experience with this new updated application after the jump:

Well overall the home screen looks are very polished and beautiful color selection and it is not much dark, pleasant to the eyes.

The news feed icon is the same ,the profile icon also remains the same, I wished they could put our profile picture on that icon, anyway we should not expect too much.

The friends icon also remain the same no change to that too. The events icon is present now which before was not there and I would say it is a good addition as many people like me would like to be prepared for the friend’s birthday and would see before hand what all events are there this month and the next month…great addition I would say.

The messages icon has been changed and it has also been renamed to Messages, well its good, not much on that.

Another addition to the old Facebook app is the friend requests now you can directly accept or ignore the friend requests directly from this, you don’t have to go to the browser anymore I guess now as it has covered all the basic needs of the Facebook.

Now if we look below it, we can see it is written notifications and when i was using this application for the first time I thought that by pressing this it would take me to the browser and open Facebook and then show the notifications, but this is th coolest thing in this update,the notification bar is a pull-up bar which can be opened and all the notifications will be shown and not only on which post the comments has been posted,but it also reads what the comment is, so beautiful, love it. But the sad part is I wanted more from the notifications bar and wanted it to take me to the particular post in which I clicked on the application itself, but when I click any notification from the notification, it opens the browser and takes me too

Anyways moving on we can also play videos directly from the application which I found very useful. (as I mentioned before)

They have also added a new photo reel which enables you to browse through your friends photos very easily, very useful thing too. You can also read the upcoming events and also RSVP directly from the application that’s totally cool.

On the top we can see two icons, the search icon and the chat icon, well that is not a chat icon, I hoped it was, but is not, it is the news feed icon and takes you to the interface where you can read what your friends have written..

It’s easy to post comments and it is awesome fast. You can read your friends comments,etc. I have not seen any changes here.

Well beside it there is also a search icon and no matter wherever you go on this app the search icon follows you ,that means you can search anything from friends, to photos and inbox messages,etc.

Well I guess I have listed almost everything on this new facebook update. Hope it is helpful to you. If you guys want to add something, you can do so by commenting and if those comments are really helpful I will put those on this post and mention the source.

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