Android Addicts

If your an #AndroidAddict, In the comment section below express why your one.


12 Responses to “Android Addicts”

  1. Tech Says:

    First post Yippe, ok im an #AndroidAddict cause i just am, i seriously love android

  2. spences10 Says:

    The first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do at night is touch my phone.

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  4. Andrew Rowley Says:

    I’m an #androidaddict because I swear by my phone. It’s the greatest OS out there, like Mike Jordan in his prime. Yeah, you could argue… but it’s really pointless in the end. Holla at an #android. Apple? BlackBerry? We’re aliens and we KILL FRUIT OF THE LOOMIES. Peace…

  5. breeze Says:

    I’m an #androidaddict because nothin’ can pull me away from my phone. There’s not a time in the day you won’t see me with my phone in my hand (even when I’m sleepin’ I’m touchin’ it) ever since I got this phone I don’t smoke as many cigarettes as I used to either, that’s how I know I’m addicted ! Lol #teamandroid #androidaddict #twidroid 🙂

  6. breeze Says:

    I meant to put without* in my last comment lol

  7. teamandroid Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments 🙂

  8. 3083joe Says:

    Im addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Cory Says:

    If I lose sight of my #Androids for more than 15 seconds I begin to panic!

  10. Digital Jedi Says:

    I’m an #AndroidAddict because its the most versatile, most customizable, best mobile OS on the market today with 3 of the greatest phones on the market today. #Droid #DroidIncredible #Evo4G

  11. MizzPackLeader Says:

    I’m an #AndroidAddict because it’s the best OS i believe i can get to know and understand. It’s the best for customization, which is a key factor in a phone, or anything really. #Android wins and the hardware!! OMGG 8mp?? 1GB Snapdragon??!?!?!? The hardware kicks every competitors arse!!! #Androidforlife!!!

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