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WWDC10 – The Android Perspective

June 8, 2010

So yesterday, the entire Tech world sat infront of their laptops, desktops, Macbooks, iPhones, Droids, and whatever gadget they could get their hands on-just to stay up to date with the coverage of the 2010 World Wide Developers Conference in San Fransisco, California. Being a loyal Macbook user, as well as a minor tech pundit- I too was sitting in anticipation, waiting for Engadget to refresh their live blog-in hopes that something truely revolutionary would be announced.

Now I understand, this is an Android blog-dedicated to Android users and devices. Let’s give the devil his due, none of us would be here without the iPhone. The original iPhone in 2007 revolutionized the cell phone industry in more ways than we ever may truely know. Unfortuantly, it was bolstered by AT&T’s non existant coverage-and an INSANE price tag. Apple Fanboys still turned out IN DROVES to purchase the original iPhone, including one of my Assistant Managers at Guitar Center-who smuggly walked into the store the next day, talking on his shiny new toy.



Dr. Droid: Why You Don't Need an Anti-Virus on Android (RE: Norton for Android)

May 31, 2010

So, broke the story on Symantec, the makers of the ever popular universally hated PC anti-virus / firewall / internet security suite, waste of memory called NORTON. And how they plan on introducing an Android client of their wonderful application.

Check out’s full post, and my thoughts on why this is a horrible idea after the break!


Tablet Wars: Episode One: The Phantom Menance

May 31, 2010

So, you’ve all read Ajit’s post on the KIRF Chinese iPed? right? No. Okay, scroll down and read it. I’ll wait.


Okay done? Good. I’m here to talk to you about some REAL Tablets coming sooner than later from VARIOUS companies, running our beloved little green Robot OS.

Want to see whats up? The possible “DroidPad” on Verizon? Read on after the break:

First up, is MSI’s WindPad 110. Here’s some specs on this BEAST

  • 10 inch capacitive touch screen
  • Android 2.1 (Eclair)
  • nVidia Tegra 2 Processor (!!)
  • USB Port
  • Video-Out
  • Release Date: Q4 2010 (US)
  • Price Point: $399 USD

[Credit to for the pics / info. Check out their full photo gallery on the WindPad 110 HERE ]