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bbm with an Android?

August 25, 2010

Fist Tweetdeck now BBM. By the end of this month (August) an app called CrossTalk will be launched that will make it possible for users to Gtalk BBM users, or the other way, by the way.

“The ultimate IM client for Android and Blackberry. Supporting multiple protocols like GTalk, AIM, MSN, Facebook and even BBM! That’s right, your Blackberry friends are no longer out in the cold, message your BBM PINS from any of the other networks using CrossTalk. Now your Blackberry users can BBM your GTalk Android users or anyone else. It’s an IM free for all.”

I too still don’t understand the thing…



Info sent by @Djxxflkid


#DroidDoes: FroYo + Overclocked + WiFi (Updated with Benchmarking)

June 5, 2010

I’ve spent the last 3 hours watching a television show for kids called “Kamen Rider Dragon Knight” and doing part one of an analysis on it for my personal blog, it’s time for some Android love!

So the story starts like this: last night, I had a Twitter conversation with @MyDroidWorld, regarding my want of his FroYo ROM, which has been running around in the wild for the last few days. I went to bed with the INSANE tease of “could be a good weekend”. What did I wake up to? I woke up to FROYO! It WILL be a good weekend! So, as it stands right now-I’m installing the ROM via the instructions outlined after the Break, and I will report back with my findings on them after some hands on time with it.

So are you ready guys? I would like to point out, this is for ROOTED USERS ONLY. As it requires either SPRecovery or ClockworkModRecovery to do the update and flash the FroYo ROM. It’s in the format of a NANDROID BACKUP file. So if you’re not Rooted, i’m sorry-you’ll have to sit this one out.

Get the FroYo Love after the break!


Dr. Droid: Why You Don't Need an Anti-Virus on Android (RE: Norton for Android)

May 31, 2010

So, broke the story on Symantec, the makers of the ever popular universally hated PC anti-virus / firewall / internet security suite, waste of memory called NORTON. And how they plan on introducing an Android client of their wonderful application.

Check out’s full post, and my thoughts on why this is a horrible idea after the break!


Droid Does: Apple Expose / HTC Leap via Launcher Pro!

May 23, 2010

Launcher Pro BETA

Federico Carnales

Price: FREE

Overall Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

My Rating: 4 Stars

All Users (Root & Non Root)

[Market link]

Launcher Pro is the newest Launcher Replacement app to flood the Android Marketplace. This simple, intuitive and FREE home replacement, rivals the current cross-bearer of the Stock Android home replacement apps, Helix Launcher in terms of speed, look, and usabillity. But wait, there’s more

Google Including Apps 2 SDCard in Android

May 1, 2010

Google has been quoted lately saying that Android will soon include the feature to be able to install apps on your micro SD card. Currently the only way to do this was with a custom rom, such as Cyanogen Mod. Although this will be a cool feature, it most likely won’t be just an add-on to your current Android OS version. Most likely this will come with Android 2.2, which is also to include full native Flash Support that we all have been so eagerly waiting for. Android 2.2 has some great features to be included. I do have a few questions about the Apps to SD thing for Android though. Will it require a Partition of the SD? (Most likely) Picture attached is the quote from a Google Employee. I know I personally am eager for this. What about you?

Flash Video on Android Devices is here! Introducing SkyFire

April 29, 2010

Skyfire is the first and only Mobile Browser that allows you to view Flash video on your phone its a free app, could download from site (if you don’t have the market app). its not only for Android though, Nokia, and Windows Mobile users could enjoy also. But i feel sorry for Iphone users, you shall not get flash *Jobs’s voice. Don’t know if Blackberry users getting it anytime soon. #TeamAndroid for life!!