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Cyanogen Mod 6!

June 24, 2010

CyMod 6 is in the works as the Froyo 2.2 source code was released by google recently, itll be available soon, so keep patient. I figured I’d let you guys know its gonna be 2.2. So that means froyo, for your droid, if you’re not already on it that is ;). this will be full froyo with flash, A2SD all the goodies that froyo should have but well…doesn’t at this point. Expect Great things from this one. You guys are great, keep reading, and please if you have the means to do so, donate, so we can keep doing this and have more motivation to keep living the dream, oh and $=beer, who doenst want beer?! thanks guys, keep tuned in for further updates


CyanogenMod Review

May 14, 2010

This is Sam from the one and Only TeamAndroid (which you may be a part of šŸ˜‰ ) and this is the official TeamAndroid Review of CyanogenMod, or in shorter terms CyMod for the Motorola Droid. Grab a seat and something to drink because this one is going to be a doozy. Lets start with some background information on CyMod. CyMod is a ROM developed from Android source code by Cyanogen for the G1 and has come a long way since that initial version. Currently Cyanogen works exclusively for the Nexus One, but he allows Koush (also known for his ROM manager app found on the Market, stay tuned for a review of that app to follow in a few days) to adapt it for the the Motorola Droid. When you first start up your phone you will notice the ROM to be very snappy, as it should be. Even though most people that do simple modding like loading ROMs and such will boost that already snappy speed from the stock 600mHz to 1gHz and up. Personally i run at 1gHz with GIT enabled, and WOW I have to say it is FAST. Also i run the Helix Launcher 2 and previously only worked for Android phones that supported it such as the Nexus One. Its not just another ROM though, CyMod has some pretty cool features. If you use ROM Manager, you will notice an option to partition your SD card. In CyMod there’s an option in the Application Settings to Enable the Apps2SD feature, which Android has plans to include stock in future Android versions (click here to view the leak info on that). Another cool feature that some say is useless, but personally i find just plain cool, is the 360 degree orientation feature. Before CyMod you has just 90 degrees rotation, and it may not not have rotated unless the keyboard was slid to the open position.


360 Degree Orientation

Helix Launcher 2 Support


Fast Performance wise

Many Themes and Mods made Specifically for it


Only Themes Made for CyMod will work with CyMod, and has to be built for the current or the version that you are running.

Although this is just a supremely simply andĀ vagueĀ overall run through of it. Please if I missed anything at all let me know please, and if theres a theme, ROM, app, or simply Anything you want me to review or if you have questions, I’m on Gtalk at