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Dr. Droid: Why You Don't Need an Anti-Virus on Android (RE: Norton for Android)

May 31, 2010

So, broke the story on Symantec, the makers of the ever popular universally hated PC anti-virus / firewall / internet security suite, waste of memory called NORTON. And how they plan on introducing an Android client of their wonderful application.

Check out’s full post, and my thoughts on why this is a horrible idea after the break!



Save Money While Using Your Android

April 20, 2010

Plans could be expensive these days, from network to network. After doing some research of my own. Look what I’ve found!

I. Skype is offering really cheap unlimited calling from $2.95/ a Month (U.S/Canada) also International Unlimited plans.
II. To use Skype you will need a Internet connection, and you could get a Mi-Fi from Verizon or Sprint and pick one that fits your budget.
III. Text? Use Google Voice. Free SMS, no MMS support just yet.