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Cyanogen Mod 5.0.7 Review

June 1, 2010

As you may or may not know, we did a review of CyMod for the Motorola Droid. Well recently 5.0.7 came out, if you already are an avid CyMod follower you dont even really need to read this, skip the post and go here for the download or scan this with your phone using ROM Manager

Generally it is the same as, but there are some upgrades, after playing around with it, i noticed my radio signal (aka “Service”)  did improve some, and overall the ROM is faster, most of the changes were minor things to get CyMod up to par with the G1/MT3G version that they needed to change and upgrade to get it to work. Some of the most major additions they made were as follows:



Now there is one problem with 5.0.7, it is that the 3D gallery is rendering the thumbnails not the ACTUAL image

UPDATE: Was released, and fixes the problem with the Gallery, there is a way to wipe your thumbnails so it wont cause this problem if it arises after the update

UPDATE 2: well i updated to and the problem was still there, all i needed to do was clear the Gallery Cache in Settings>Apps>Manage Apps> Gallery 3D and clear the Cache and clear the Cache on the SD card in DCIM, hope this helps if any of you had any problems

Overall this rom is just as to be expected from Cyanogen and Koush (he’s the one who ported cymod to the moto droid). If you’ve read our review of cymod then you know that we at Team Android are avid lovers of it (well besides John…but we dont really like him to begin with 😉  ), and this just helped. Thanks for reading, if I missed something comment as always

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