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Android Tablet Round-up

July 31, 2010

Well guys haven’t posted in a while, I miss you so I thought I’d do a quick round up of some rumors and some factual android tablets…well I guess theres only…2 I can think of tweet me or comment on here if you know of any big ones we missed out on.

Recent rumors and the Spring design website

have put that the beloved Alex reader will arrive on a CDMA/EvDo network (anyone hear verizon?!) sometime this summer…as well as HSPA/GSM so im assuming T-Mo. As for my Favorite the Augen Gentouch 78 pretty nifty check it out here

well as I was browsing their site I came across an Android Netbook, better say netbooks

the bad: 7″ android netbook (Genbook78) is lame and ugly and isn’t the best out there because of it sporting Android 1.6 (who honestly wants to try that besides Dell…dont get me started about the Streak…)

the good: the 10″ one by Augen (Genbook 108) is impressive, rocking android 2.1, 93% full qwerty keyboard, just look at it, for a Netbook and running Android is pretty sexy. I mean come on, its a netbook…that runs…android..HOW COOL IS THAT?! maybe im more excited than you POLL TIME

thanks for reading this guys, sorry about the informality, I wrote this on my droid while on my way to work.


Comparing "deathgrip" on iPhone 4 & Samsung "GalaxyS" Captivate

July 28, 2010

Apple/Steve Jobs was right?

Droid Incredible vs. Droid X

July 28, 2010

Motorola Droid 2 Dummy Phone Surfaces

July 18, 2010

Recently I was buzzin around the interwebs and i came across something I found very interesting. I thought I’d share it with you…here is is, Droid 2 Dummy Phone

head to the link for pictures

from the looks of the pictures, the droid 2 has a slightly different keyboard than the Droid (1) and it has the same 5mp Camera, and the new Moto Blur aka Ninja Blur….this is an interesting phone.
Personally i still like the look of the Original droid, but if i can upgrade…i sure as hell will.
What’re Your thoughts on the Phone? leave a comment, Tweet this Etc. Etc.

#DroidDoes | First Impressions on the DROID X

July 18, 2010


So here it is, my HANDS ON on the Motorola DROID X, these are only my FIRST IMPRESSIONS, as I’ve only had a day of real use on the phone. Expect more to come folks.

Droid DOES!

–ps – ENJOY!

#DroidDoes | Droid X 720p Test Footage

July 18, 2010
So here’s the deal, after enjoying some wonderful White Castle sliders on my lunch break, I decided to take the camcorder on my Droid X for a spin. Here’s just a snippet of the footage i recorded just outside my place of employment!
Looks nice, don’t it?

[ youtube=]

Finally motorola responds to the eFuse hype

July 16, 2010

All the hype about the eFuse technology going on, about droidx not beein hacked or mod. Well let me tel you what eFuse is, it is a very old technology brought out by IBM in this technology if it finds some eror or failure in its rom checking then it physicaly disables the circuitry using the silicon in the circuit. This was in everybody’s mind when the eFuse term was used alongside the droidx which will eventualy turn the droidx into stump! But engadget got in touch with motorola and they said that eFuse is not used to permenantly disable the device its a technology used to ensue that the softwares are approoved for the safety of the data of its users. This technology just makes the device go to recovery mode when the device attempts to boot with an unapprooved software! It will reboot once the authorized software is istalled!

Thats it! Well i guess it wont be long to breakthru the eFuse as the android comunity has proved to be very intelligent and hardworking! It wont be long for them to find a way out of the eFuse and flash custom made roms! T might be that the rom comes with an extra code that shows the eFuse that it is a authorized software or something like that! Well i think people are working on it as i write this post!

Think twice before you root or mod your droidx!

July 16, 2010

The guys who are goin to recieve their new droidx or hav already recieved and are thinking of rooting it, then please make sure that someone else has done it and there is proof! There are rumours surfacing that the bootloader of the droidx is an encrypted bootloader and if you tamper with it then your droid x will become useless! This rumour has not been officialy approoved by motorola, but it might be true!

This new technology is called as ‘eFuse’ this checks everytime whether any changes have been made to he bootloader or not and whether the rom has been changed. If this test fails then your droidx will become a stump. But my friends on twitter and my friend @johnpariah say that eFuse is just garbage and the maximum it can do is not allow to flash cutom made roms! He also says that all the guys have debunked this eFuse rumour as the droidx uses the same encryption of the milestone, but the milestone is rooted!

So dont be in hurry and root your droidx be patient and wait till the official word is out! We will keep you guys informing abt it! As our friend john will be rooting it and will write the rooting post himself! So dont be a hero and root ur droidx if you e not sure of it!

App inventor for android

July 15, 2010

Google is known to roll out some realy kool applications and some realy useful applications!! like the google skymap and many others!But this time google has released an app which is both kool and very useful!!The google android app inventor!!

The guys who own android phones but always wanted to create apps for themselves but couldnt,well this app is just for your!!This application helps you create your own application using blocks and designing,directly from the web browser!!how kool is that!!

Its not necessory to bcome a developer or a know coding to use the app inventor!!you can design how the app looks and use blocks to specify the behaviour of the apps!

You can find blocks for almmost everything you can do on an android phone!!you can build apps using the gps,track ball,motion sensing,using social networks like twitter,etc!!

This block editor in this application uses the open block java library for creating the visual blocks.The compiler that translates the visual blocks language for implemetation on android phones uses the kawa language framework!!

If you wanna develope applications using the app inventor then you need to fill out a form and wait for the reply from google labs!!u can fill the form here:

Though this app is mainly a web app, you can also use it on your android phone: heres how!

The phone has to be connected to the computer via the u.s.b and the browser should be running to use the appklication on your android phone!!

before you connect your phone to the computer there are sme setting changes which has to be done!!:-

  1. go to settings,then applications
  2. the unknown sources boc should be checked
  3. then go to the development option on the screen
  4. the usb debugging and stay awake option should be checked.
  5. go to sound and display option on the main settings screeen
  6. uncheck the orientation option.

make sure that the phone is in the unlocked state and able to recieve calls and open apps!! then connect it to the computer using the usb cable!

then use the connect to phone option on the website and then proceed with the project by clicking on the project option.You are now ready to create your own applications!

you can get more info about this by going to:

Well thats all about the android app inventor!!

I have filled the form for the app inventor have you??? if not  then hurry!!

Witht this new application it is sure that within a few months android applications will surpass the applications for iphones!! The android applications which are at about 70,000 (source:androlib)will increase more faster than before, due to the introduction of the app inventor .it was proved that google loves its developers in the google i/o now they want all the android users to become developers!! how great is google!!

The SwiftKey Beta is now live on the Android™ Market!

July 14, 2010

SwiftKey brings the future of text entry to smartphones. It uses TouchType’s breakthrough Fluency™ technology to predict the next word you want to type, before you even press a key.”

Its Fast, Accurate, and Intelligent. A Swype killer!

SwiftKey is designed to work with any device running Google’s Android™ platform.

We have tested the software on all the main releases of Android – 1.5 (Cupcake), 1.6 (Donut), 2.01 (Eclair), 2.1 (Eclair) and 2.2 (Froyo).

We have also tested SwiftKey on the following handsets:

*Acer A1 Liquid
*Google Nexus One
*HTC Desire
*HTC Dream
*HTC Droid Eris
*HTC Droid Incredible
*HTC Evo
*HTC Hero
*HTC Legend
*HTC Magic
*HTC Tattoo
*Motorola CLIQ
*Motorola Droid/Milestone/QRTY
*Samsung Behold II
*Samsung Galaxy Spica
*Samsung Moment
*Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro
*T-Mobile G1
*T-Mobile myTouch 3G
if your compatible, you can download it here or here.