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Dr. Droid: Why You Don't Need an Anti-Virus on Android (RE: Norton for Android)

May 31, 2010

So, broke the story on Symantec, the makers of the ever popular universally hated PC anti-virus / firewall / internet security suite, waste of memory called NORTON. And how they plan on introducing an Android client of their wonderful application.

Check out’s full post, and my thoughts on why this is a horrible idea after the break!



Tablet Wars: Episode One: The Phantom Menance

May 31, 2010

So, you’ve all read Ajit’s post on the KIRF Chinese iPed? right? No. Okay, scroll down and read it. I’ll wait.


Okay done? Good. I’m here to talk to you about some REAL Tablets coming sooner than later from VARIOUS companies, running our beloved little green Robot OS.

Want to see whats up? The possible “DroidPad” on Verizon? Read on after the break:

First up, is MSI’s WindPad 110. Here’s some specs on this BEAST

  • 10 inch capacitive touch screen
  • Android 2.1 (Eclair)
  • nVidia Tegra 2 Processor (!!)
  • USB Port
  • Video-Out
  • Release Date: Q4 2010 (US)
  • Price Point: $399 USD

[Credit to for the pics / info. Check out their full photo gallery on the WindPad 110 HERE ]

Ipad vs Iped

May 31, 2010

The “Iped” might be a phoney, but will it disrupt the sales of the app? Of course, the iped is only $150.

Its running Android, the best OS out there,

When you see the ipad you feel that you want one! It looks beutiful and all ,but its too costly and overrated and it CANNOT run FLASH in its browser!(Well basically the android 1.5 version does not support flash but we can always root the devices to android ver. 2.2!!)

For those who love the looks of the ipad,and cannot afford it,for them a chinese company is bringing the iped!! It is reported that the iPed is priced at $150, much cheaper than Apple’s minimum asking price of $500.This product is produced and already released in Shenzhen.

The iped almost looks the same as the ipad,but it is said to be a heavier device than the iped.It also does not run on the apple o.s!! It runs on our favourite open-source Android 1.5 (codenamed-cupcake) o.s!!It also has a screen resolution of only 800 by 400 pixels, lower compared to the iPad’s 1,024 by 768-pixel screen

the iPed sports a 600-MHz RockChip processor.Its rumoured that it is some kind of an intel chip for the mobiles! The iPad’s 9.7-inch display is a bit bigger than the iPed’s seven-inch screen. and a screen resolution of only 800 by 480 pixels against iPad’s 1-GHz Apple A4 processor and 1024-by-768-pixel screen

will the ipad revolution come to an end?Is it the begining of the iped revolution?Our doubts will be answered in a few months time i guess!Game on!!!!!

Android Rules!!!

Hero: 2.1 Update, In Plain English

May 30, 2010

Sprint Hero users could now update their devices to 2.1 “Eclair”
Update includes the following:
– Android 2.1 Eclair
– Enhancements to sense user interface (UI)
– Enhanced corporate email support
– Variety of minor bug fixes
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Droid Does: TAKE OVER VERIZON! Huge VZW / Moto Update: Droid2, XTRM/Shadow, crappy motoblur device

May 28, 2010

So, here’s the deal. The Motorola DROID came out on November 6th, and now it appears that the device will be replaced with the OFFICIAL successor, the Droid2.0 sooner rather than later. NOT COOL. But whatever…

Want to see my evidence? Continue on after the break!


Some bad Android tweets

May 28, 2010

I asked; #TeamAndroid what are some things you dislike about android? #BadAndroid

– @MrNonFiction @Team_Android how long it takes to get firmware?
-@Brajin @Team_Android nothing really. Wouldn’t mind seeing more
apps that use the gpu more.
-@kingofyo1 @Team_Android dislike the lack of updates for devices,
lack of support for older devices such as dream/sapphire

Droid Does: FroYo! Kind of….

May 26, 2010

[thanks to for the shots!]

So it looks as if some unnamed source has FroYo running on his Motorola DROID! I must say (as I’m installing Cyanogen 5.0.7 on my own device) i’m IMPRESSED. I want it!!!!!

More info / shots after the break:


iWhat? Evo who? Droid gets XTREME (or..Shadowy…or HD?)

May 25, 2010

so, what the HELL is up with people leaving advanced Smartphones that aren’t OFFICIALLY RELEASED PRODUCTS laying around? First the Apple employee leaves the prototype iPhone 4 in a bar, which as we all know led to the editor of Gizmodo getting the “Meth-Lab-In-The-Basement” treatment.

Now this.

So apparently, Verizon has a corporate gym (who know right?), and VZWRep J. Techsupport happened to leave his top secret Motorola Shadow on a bag, or a bench, or the floor, or a locker..or..something.

And someone (presumably with his own Moto Droid?) snapped a nice little spypic of it.

wanna see? after the break + confirmed / rumor specs:


Droid Does: Adorably AWESOME Swag!

May 25, 2010

so…there’s one thing i’ve learned during my time in the Android world….

Android developers and OEM, and fans in general give out AWESOME SWAG!

see for yourself!

Android flavored SOAP! yes. SOAP! courtesy of the folks at GEEKSOAP! (follow them on twitter @geeksoap! via a contest for the lovely lady behind, @mobil3gen )

a pair of awesome ANDROID Keychains from HTC Corporation. The one on the left has a screen cleaner on the back of it, comes in INSANELY handy in cleaning screens, and rubbing the bubbles off of a new screen protector!
But wait, there’s more Swagness

Post Your Set Up!

May 25, 2010

So, in an attempt to drum up some conversation in our wonderous little community here, I have an idea:


This can apply to any and all Android devices (for screenshot purposes, odds are you’d have to be Rooted. If you are, download the App “ShootMe”. It’s an easy screen shot taking app!!!)

So here we go:

Device: Motorola Droid A855

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

OS: Android 2.1


ROM: Cyanogen

Theme: Bugless Beast v1.0

Launcher: Launcher Pro Beta

Wallpaper: Blue Android spiral background

SetCPU: 1.0ghz max / 800mhz min


[center HOME Screen]

[Apple Expose-esque display]

But wait, there’s more