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Can a bunch of washed-up rockers figure out how to zoom in and capture video on their smartphones?

September 14, 2010

Funny Android Commercials

September 14, 2010

Japanese Android app cartoon trailer

September 14, 2010 Android App VS Qik & Ustream

September 1, 2010

What's Google Chrome to Phone and how to Install

August 15, 2010

**Please Note: Unfortunately if you don’t have Froyo (2.2) you will not be able to run this application.


1: Search for ‘Chrome to Phone’ at
and install.

2: Search for ‘Chrome to Phone’ in Market on your Android device.
and Install the Chrome to Phone Android app and complete the simple set-up process. if you have multiple accounts, choose the one you are using in the browser.

3:Install the Chrome to Phone extension and click on the toolbar icon to sign in.

Final: Click the toolbar icon to send the link or currently selected text to your phone.

Android Central: Android 2.2 on the Evo 4G

August 2, 2010